CEREC-Crowns in a day

Crowns in a Day in Green Bay - Sierra Dental offers CEREC

At Sierra Dental we have a CEREC machine and offer patients crowns in a day! Because of the CEREC system our patients can get in one day, what traditionally takes two or three visits to complete.

Green Bay CEREC Same Day Crowns

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) and has brought technology to the forefront of our practice. In the past, dental restorations that corrected damaged teeth such as veneers, crowns, inlays, and onlays required a time-consuming process that often involved outside labs.  Since we have adopted this system in 2007 we can radically shorten the traditional two-week timeline associated with lab-produced crowns!  What once took several appointments now can be completed in just one visit!


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Technology for your Teeth

CEREC merges high-end technology to bring patients the most effective and efficient restorations possible. The process may also be referred to as CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Milling).  Here is a look at the components that come together for this revolutionary system:

Digital Imaging:  The process starts with a handheld, high-end digital camera that can photograph the tooth from several angles.  Once the pictures are taken, they are sent directly to the specialized CAD software.

Software in Three Dimensions:  The computer software that our practice uses with the digital photographs allows for a complete 360-degree view of the tooth.  This level of detail allows for the custom-tailored restorations of the Computer Aided Design, to be sent to the CAM device.

Computer Aided Milling: The digital design for the restorative fixture is sent to our milling unit.  This in-office unit creates custom restorations in as little as 15 minutes from blocks of ceramic that can be chosen to blend with natural tooth coloration.

Starting the Process

The CEREC process starts with cleaning and preparation of the tooth or teeth involved.  Our Green Bay dentist removes tooth decay and cleans the area of the fixture so that after it is affixed the decay does not continue.  Titanium dust is then used to assist in making an impression to aid the photography, allowing for a much more detail to each image taken by the CEREC camera. 

After the images are in the software Dr. Williams has a full three-dimensional view of your tooth.  With this, he can create the perfect, custom-tailored restoration that will fit perfectly into your smile. 

Because the milling takes place in the office, the finished ceramic can be placed over the tooth before application and any fine-tuned adjustments that are needed can be done in minutes!  Once perfect, the tooth is polished and dental cement is used to adhere the restoration.

Benefits of CEREC

Patients who have had CEREC restorations in our office are giving us great feedback!
Aside from the obvious advantage of restorations taking only one visit, let’s look at other benefits:

 Higher Quality Restorations – Because we can tailor and adjust every ceramic device in our office within minutes, every CEREC patient is getting a higher quality, more personalized, longer lasting fixture than the alternatives.

• Time and Cost Effective – With the traditional array of appointments per procedure consolidated to one visit saves the patient’s time and keeping the entire process in-office saves the patient money as well!

 Minimal Invasiveness and Maximum Comfort – With our handheld cameras doing the bulk of the imaging it allows for a simpler patient experience.  We have also found that tooth sensitivity is significantly less than with the traditional fixtures as the tooth and roots are left exposed for a much shorter time.

If you would like to know more about the CEREC technology and how you can get crowns in a day, please schedule your consultation with Dr. Williams in Green Bay today!