Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie, Our Resident Therapy Dog at Sierra Dental


Dr. Marty Williams and the Super Star Team at Sierra Dental are proud to have Charlie on the team to help our patients have a comfortable and pleasant experience during their visit. Charlie is our resident therapy dog who has undergone extensive training to provide our patients with the support that they need to ease stress and anxiety during general dental procedures. 

sierra dental in green bay wisconsin has a board certified therapy dog on staff to ease fear and anxiety at the dentist. visit charlie at sierra dental.

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What are the Benefits of a Therapy Dog?

visit charlie the therapy dog in green bay, wi at sierra dental. contact dr. marty williams today!Dr. Marty Williams understands that the human-animal bond can be a therapeutic source of treatment for his patients. Research has shown that the use of an assisted animal for therapy has been known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety, and improve mood. The use of animal assisted therapy has been widely used in the medical field for many years. At Sierra Dental, our use of Charlie as a therapy dog is cutting edge in the dental industry.

Charlie’s presence allows Dr. Marty Williams and his staff provide an option to our patients to relieve their stress, fear, and anxiety without the use of medications. Our patients who have benefited from Charlie’s presence feel calmer and relaxed during their dental exams and cleanings. This has improved their experience and given them an overall better dental visit.

Visit Sierra Dental to Meet Charlie, our Therapy Dog!

don;t let fear and anxiety at the dentist get in the way of your dental care. contact us at sierra dental in green bay, wi for your appointment today!Charlie’s therapy services extend to our patients of all ages. Charlie is hypoallergenic and certified to provide animal assisted therapy. He has completed his Puppy Training, Obedience Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Trainings, and he is a K-9 Good Citizen Dog. When you visit our office in Green Bay, Wisconsin, you will find Charlie hanging out in Dr. Marty’s office or assisting one of our valued patients. 

We understand that not every person is a dog person so we make sure that Charlie is present only around those that need his service. Thanks to Charlie's extensive training, he is great at following orders. He is also a hypoallergenic breed that will not affect a patient's allergies.

If you or a loved one suffer from stress and anxiety related to visiting the dentist, contact Dr. Marty Williams and Charlie at Sierra Dental in Green Bay, WI. We would love for you to meet Charlie, our therapy dog!   

Charlie as a puppy - 2018