What Can I Do If I Do Not Have Dental Insurance? Sierra Dental Care Has Options!

If you are a patient who does not have dental insurance, Sierra Dental Care has financial options for you. When you join the Sierra Care membership, you will pay a one-time activation fee followed by a low monthly fee. Sierra Care membership has options for the entire family. If you are an adult looking for preventative care for you and you family, Sierra Dental Care offers solutions to help you and your family receive the preventative care that you need. If your dental treatment requires something more comprehensive than general, preventative care, Sierra Club has a financial option for that too.  

You may schedule regular dental visits that are convenient for you and your family by calling our office directly. All forms of payment methods are accepted for your convenience.

How Can I Find Out Which Sierra Care Membership is the Best for Me?

To find out which plan works best for you, contact Sierra Dental Care in Green Bay, Wisconsin for more information. Dr. Martin Williams will help you to determine if you may need comprehensive periodontal treatment versus general preventative care.

Click on the image below for more information about Sierra Club offered by Sierra Dental Care in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 


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