Green Bay Dental Reviews


We would like to thank Jennifer Berres-Dart for her kind words:

"I know a few of you saw my inquiry a couple weeks ago looking for a new dentist?! I found my guy. If you EVER NEED A DENTIST- I highly recommend Dr. Martin Williams (Sierra Dental) in Howard. He personally reached out to me (which was really cool) and today I had my initial appointment. The new patient intake form is 8 pages long, but it asks questions like how do you want to be approached/treated around your dental care. He sat down with me to talk about the form and it was a great opportunity to learn more about each other/ask questions. I thought that was awesome AND great customer service. I had zero anxiety like I normally get going to the dentist and the examine was very thorough! Marty is a positive, professional person AND he likes to dance (bonus points). He's been doing Ballroom for the last 4+ years and happens to be on my team for this years DWOS. I am happy to have made this connection in so many ways! Check out Sierra Dental!" - Jennifer Berres-Dart - October 26 2015


Could not ask for a better experience from Marty and his team! From my first visit they made me feel so comfortable. Marty filled in some gaps I had wanted filled for over 20 years and they're absolutely perfect. He even called to check on me after having to be seen for a bad infection I had acquired. Will be switching my children over to him as well. Can't say enough good things about Sierra Dental!

Kelly B.

As one who has a strong dislike of folks playing around in my mouth, I found Dr. Marty and staff to be courteous and very professional and the same time very friendly!! They were all very sympathetic to my needs. Thanks guys!

Bob L, Green Bay

Dr. Marty and his staff provide the highest quality dental care I have ever experienced. They truly treat it as an art. This was the first time I have had cavities filled that I did not feel pain once during the entire process.. WOW!! Sierra Dental has mastered the ability to make patients feel at ease and at home during every appointment!! Thank you all for enhancing smiles every day!

Corie, Stingl

This was the best experience I’ve ever had at a dental clinic! Dr. Williams is an excellent dentist who’s main priority is making sure his patient is comfortable and gives the best dentistry there is. He and his dental assistants where so unbelievably nice! I had a crown put in and never thought I’d get out of the chair saying 'this was an awesome experience, I don’t want to leave!' I’ve had absolutely everything done to my teeth through the years and I so wish I had known about Sierra Dental instead of experiencing the pain and lack of care I had to from other dentist. I will forever recommend Dr. Williams, his staff and practice to all and will only go here from now on. Thank you again!

Paige Baker, Green Bay