Single Tooth Anesthetic System

The Single Tooth Anesthetic System at Sierra Dental


sierra dental of green bay, wi offers pain free solutions to dental treatment.Dr. Martin Williams utilizes the Single Tooth Anesthetic System by Milestone Scientific to provide his patients with an alternative to the syringe when administering anesthetic. Also known as the Wand Anesthesia System, a computer-assisted program is used to provide local anesthetic to a single tooth to reduce pain and numbness to the entire face while increasing comfort to our patients.

Proven to Reduce Dental Anxiety and Increase Comfort

Thanks to the absence of a traditional syringe, our patients our provided with the most comfortable method to inject anesthetic to the tooth. The Wand provides a more streamlined and quick method to numb the single tooth. Our patients experience less numbness to the lips, face, and tongue which allows them to get back to their day after receiving dental treatment.

Advanced Dental Technology available at our Green Bay Dental Practice

Dr. Martin Williams and his staff take the extra steps to provide our valued patients with dental treatment that will take care of their needs while also providing state-of-art solutions. The Single Tooth Anesthetic System and the use the Wand delivers a painless, more efficient method to numb the tooth and reduce collateral numbness. If you experience dental anxiety due to dental syringes, visit our Green Bay dental office to experience a solution that will work for you!


our green bay, wi dental practice provides solutions to ease dental anxiety by reducing pain and increasing comfort levels.